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12th Man Pub is how we work with pub and bar staff to raise awareness of mental health in the community and support their customers and colleagues to talk openly.

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A pub can be a traditional community hub, a restaurant or a city nightspot. Whatever version you have, the pub is a place that lots of people go, including men. That's why the 12th Man is working with pubs.

Men go to the pub for many reasons. They might go to socialise with friends or family, or to watch football or rugby, or spend time there before going to a club or party. They might go to have fun, or to de-stress. They might go there to get drunk, or to drown their sorrows.

The 12th Man Pub follows the successful model that was developed with barbers. We train pub and bar staff in Mental Health First Aid, either out-of-hours in pubs or on arranged courses. We hope the training will help pub staff to know more about mental health and explore ways their pubs can play an ever-more vital community role by supporting mental health awareness among men.

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