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12th Man Football Club is a campaign club for amateur and semi-professional teams to affiliate to and raise awareness of mental health.

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Be The 12th Man

Imagine the scene. You are watching the TV. The football is on. The camera cuts to show a group of men standing with their arms wide apart, singing together at the tops of their voices. Their faces show all kinds of emotions, but one thing unites them: they are the 12th Man, and they are singing about their shared love and passion for their football team.

We want men to treat themselves in the same way. We are a team, we need support.

Football Clubs are a unique community asset. The souls of the clubs belong to their fans and this inspires loyalty, local pride, and a sense of community. Football Clubs can influence community change, and have the potential to act as hubs for the campaign, engaging with people and businesses across their local communities.

12th Man Football Club is a new element to the campaign, bringing us back home to our source of inspiration. Just like our other projects, 12th Man Football Club will offer training and support to amateur and semi-professional football clubs in our funded areas.

Be More Than A Fan

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