12th Man With A Van

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12th Man with a van

12th Man with a Van is a new project that will provide mental health training for people and companies that use vans to perform their job.

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12th Man With A Van

Lots of men drive a van as part of their job, but for many their van is their job. Delivery drivers, removals companies, maintenance workers, van hire firms – there are thousands of people who use a van as their principal tool for work, much as others may use a computer.

Many of these roles also include working long and unsociable hours and many are increasingly busy as more of us shop online and work from home. Often these jobs involve sharing a van with colleagues, and people may develop close bonds and friendships. Other jobs may involve working alone, and so will need supportive management, or to develop skills to self-support.

12th Man with a Van is a new project, and we hope to work with as many companies and individuals as possible that use a van to perform their work. We will offer the same training as in all our other projects, and will aim to create a network of Mental Health First Aid-trained sole traders and businesses.

As with our other projects, we hope that those who get involved will use the training every day in their work. They can use it in interactions with clients, to create a positive culture on jobs with other tradesmen, or within their own company team.

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This is a new project and we are keen to get started. If you are a sole trader or company, and driving a van is the way you do your work, then we would love to hear from you.

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