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12th Man Taxi

12th Man Taxi is a new project that will provide mental health training for Taxi drivers and Taxi companies in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and East Cheshire.

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12th Man Taxi a new project and we are keen to get started. If you are a Taxi driver or Taxi company, and you would like to do some Mental Health First Aid training, then we would love to hear from you.

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12th Man Taxi

Where would we be without Taxis? Across the U.K. thousands of people rely on Taxis, and thousands of people drive them. The customers are as varied and diverse as the population, meaning a driver may interact with many people with different needs every single day.

Then when we add and the long and unsociable hours which often involve customers who have been to clubs and bars and may be under the influence of one-thing or another, then we start to see the demands of this role in a different way.

Taxi drivers often work this role as a second job to help pay bills or a mortgage. There is a lot of stress. In the current situation there is also a health risk that adds to the pressures on drivers - they need to maintain a clean environment that protects themselves and their passengers.

12th Man Taxi is a new project and we hope to work with as many companies and individual Taxi drivers as we can. We will offer the same training as in all our other projects, and aim to create a network of Mental Health First Aid trained sole traders and businesses.

We hope that all those trained, like in our other projects, will use the training every day in their work. They can use it in interactions with clients, and to create a positive culture on jobs with other tradesmen, or within their own company team.

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