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The 12th Man Tattoo Shop is a project that works with tattoo artists and piercing professionals to raise awareness of mental health and support dialogue among men.

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We rely on donations to keep our projects going. With your help, we can continue the conversation and keep our projects running.

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Like barbers, tattoo artists and piercing and body-modification professionals perform a unique role in our community. They can form a close bond with one-time or regular customers as although people get tattoos for a variety of reasons, many are often doing so for highly personal ones. The nature of the business means customers are often in the studio for long periods of time, and the popularity of tattoos and piercings means that some people are often repeat visitors to tattoo shops.

We are providing tattooists and other associated artists and professionals Mental Health First Aid training. They can use the training in their work to support both each other and their clients.

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