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12th Man Gym is the part of our campaign that works with Gyms, Boxing Clubs, performance coaches and fitness professionals to raise awareness of mental health and support dialogue among men.

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Gyms are a unique location. They promote health and fitness and offer a diverse range of services for people in the community. Gyms can be male-dominated spaces, and while we hope that more people from diverse backgrounds find the gym has something to offer, we also realise these are places where we can make a big impact on men's mental health. Many Gym-goers will develop close relationships with friends and staff, maybe using a personal trainer or coach. Many people visit the Gym regularly and see this as a vital part of their life and a treasured community space.

We are working with Gyms and Boxing Clubs to offer free mental health first aid training to staff, so that more men in Gym environments are aware of mental health issues affecting men, and have the skills and confidence to make mental health conversation part of their every-day interactions in the Gym.

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