We're back... almost!

After what has been a challenging and difficult time for everyone, we're delighted to say that our campaign is back up and running... almost. As we all know, life has changed and the pandemic has significantly impacted our old ways of working. But we all need to adapt to the changing circumstances and the 12th Man Campaign is no different.

So what's changing? Well, for a start all of our training sessions for the foreseeable future will be delivered online. While this is not ideal in terms of how we would like to work, the safety of everyone involved is our primary concern and it is too risky to run sessions in shops or training venues as before. We hope this will be a more flexible approach that will mean people can fit training in to their new lives. We understand the pressures - many of you may have children at home, or be working longer hours, or fewer hours. You may also be supporting friends and family with practical and emotional support. For these reasons we are planning to offer a range of courses at different times and days so, hopefully you will find one that suits you.

We are also expanding into new areas. While we continue our work in Norfolk, we are also working in five sites in Suffolk, two in East Cheshire, and also in Cambridge.

We are also about to launch two new elements to the campaign, working with Taxis and 12th Man with a Van - any trade that uses a van can get involved there. So that could include builders, plumbers, roofers, electricians, removals people, delivery drivers, fruit and veg... If you drive a van, you can #BeThe12thMan